Exterior Painting

You express your taste with the colour in your space. Add impact with easy to clean paints, maintain current colour trends, create interest, a focal point and enhance your home or office design.

If you are looking to; stage your home for sale by bringing our nature and the environment into the place, highlight the design with a high contrast architectural look, streamline a modernist minimalistic style, a soften rustic a French or traditional country look, paint unifies your space. Interior and exterior painting services are the cheapest and quickest home and business renovations, adding decor while supporting your budget.

Focusing on the form as function, paint either emphasises the texture and intensity of a space or simplifies it. Creating a changeable contemporary look with pain is great because it can be easily updated. The Golden Years Team can cover and patch your bumps and scratches or start fresh adding a new colour palate to your property, either way, our focus is to paint your dreams and adding lasting value for you. If you like natural earthy neutral tones, an application or strong iridescent metallic finishes, we will review your needs in an on-site consultation and offer a detailed plan of the design.

Leave the sanding and unavoidably messy to us. The Golden Years Team is knowledgeable about paint technology including heavy duty primer sealer, deglossing liquid, and finish paints, both oil-based and acrylicpaint in varying glosses,spackling, stucco, painter's tape, paintbrushes, rollers, cleaning cloths, sandpaper, and a plastic tarp. Preparation prevents poor performance, and this is certainly true for painting. The Team can purchasing and pick up your paint or please provide it.

For wood refinishing and staining, the Team can remove old finishes by sanding or useof chemical strippers. If you prefer transparent, semitransparent and solid-hide formulation, we can apply it. Adding weather protection with a simple transparent stain extends the life of your wood.Choose from oil-based, water-based and gel stains, as well as the tool either a rag or brush, and time length to time the stain is left on for darkening, acquiring your desired outcome, sealing in the look you like.

Reliable home repair solutions. Quality workmanship, guaranteed.