Kitchen Repairs, Renovations and Installations

Your functional fantasy is our priority, if you are repairing, replacing or starting fresh. If you have a traditional or open-concept space, personalizing the style while maximizing safety and efficiency are priorities.

Residential and commercial kitchens require key considerations which our skilled team can address. Assembling the correct fittings, lighting, cabinet placement, backsplashes, and appliance locations with continuity characterises the tone of your hearth, while personalizing a beautiful place to enjoy. If your tastes are traditional, elegant or modern we can craft your vision with care.

As the kitchen is the center or core of your home, brightening the space with some contemporary clean renovations extends your love of your home. The possibilities are countless, consult with our team to create a budget or plan that is comfortable for you. We can help determine how to add value to the space with complementing materials and finishes. Bringing nature inside, using; classic wood grains with perhaps a distressed finish, matched with marble, quartz, granite or other stones, mixed with stainless steel, tin, copper, or galvanized metal could be interesting approaches.

Custom cabinetry or built-ins are a great option to get exactly the pantry or storage space you have been looking for. Painting cabinetry helps extend the life of your woodwork as well as covering nicks and scratches. Adding new hardware accessories goes a long way to changing the style. Painting the room also can make bold changes for an affordable price. Easy accessibility in a well-planned space that is easy to clean and works for you is our priority. We can understand your needs during an on-site consolation, and help you design a versatile kitchen that suits your lifestyle.

Kitchen Repairs, Renovation & Installation Services

  • Pull out shelves
  • Accessible appliances
  • Adjustable cabinets, counters and sinks
  • Hand grips
  • Easy grip faucets
  • Non slip surfaces
  • Install hanging racks
  • Tiling - Backsplash, Flooring
  • Ergonomic Space Redesign
  • Cabinetry Replacement & Repair
  • Counter Top Replacement

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