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Are you are considering improving your yard or carport with concrete work, interlocking or loose rock features? Signal the entrance of your space with style by arranging a serene procession route. When investing in your property utilize durable top-quality materials to promote safety and ensure the long-lasting effect of taming your terrace. Interlocking increases the value of your open-air gallery.

You may consider elevating your place with solid walkway pavers or grid-connected pattern stone or brickwork. Interlock is one of the best materials to withstand our extreme weather winters. From blizzards to freezing rain your property meets all seasons. Interlocking and stonework create the illusion of a single surface thus require minimal maintenance, making them the most cost-effective due to product longevity. When interlocking freezes the configuration of individual pavers allow for expansion and contraction, moving with the earth, instead of cracking like concrete and asphalt. 


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Interlock also is less slippery than stamped concrete. Our proficient pavers are skilled with stone, masonry, stack stone and concrete work and can advise you on the best materials for the installation. We work with you to create finished, quality products that will enhance your property’s value and suit your lifestyle and entertaining needs. With interlocking, one is open to select from an assortment of styles to coordinate any concept. Create boundaries and manage traffic flow by building natural passageways into your personal reprieve. Escape into a lunar landscape with rock towers and boulders or a solar space with living landscape lanes in succulent sedum or thyme. 

Interlocking and stonework are a great compliment if your focus is on traditional garden designs accompanied by aesthetic and philosophical ideas, avoiding artificial ornamentation, to highlight the natural serenity. Improve the outline image of your garden with stone partitions as flower bed surrounds. With an assortment of alternatives to browse, the options are infinite. We are here to help you reach your desired look and feel and enjoy creating custom features. Contact us today for your free quote on Ottawa interlock services.


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