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Whether you require a onetime visit or regular hedge maintenance we are able to help you.

We can cut back the size of your hedge or even remove it completely for you. We provide a professional tree planting service.

Crowning your tree reduces the overall size, depending on type of crowning you require, we can reduce all areas of your tree to match your needs. Serving the local community for over 12 years, we have vast experience with tree removal, trimming and felling. Commercial and residential customers have come to rely on the Golden Years Team for quality removal, pruning and tree maintenance services.

Following required safety precautions with quality cutting equipment ensures a professional, safe job. Our Team has the knowledge and insurances to perform tree and stump removal services. Due to certain restrictions, it is worthwhile to have a professional company come to assess your needs and ensure your requirements are legal. We offer free quotes and assessments for all our tree services in the Ottawa, Kanata, Nepean and Orleans areas.

Hedges in good shape are an aesthetically pleasing perimeter around a home. With time and weather shrubs can grow wild, into an unmanageable state, bursting outwards both vertically and horizontally, and overtake a large area throughout your garden. Hedges are best controlled through regular hedge trimming. We would recommend attending to hedges once a season, so in Ottawa, roughly three times a year.

Understanding the nature of the hedge plays a pivotal part in the trimming or removal process. Your best care is given with knowledge and skill instead of hacking at a hedge. Certain hedges require certain techniques, hiring a professional with understanding of the hedge type and the way it grows ensures your hedge’s health. Once we removed your hedge and its stumps, we remove any waste left over. We aim to recycle as must waste as we can.​

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Happy Customers


Very satisfied. Work was done quickly but thoroughly. It is great to have someone to call when I can’t do some things myself.

Helen C.



I highly recommend this company. I used their Handyman services on two occasions. The work performed by their highly qualified representative was of superior quality and done at a reasonable price.

John Kern



As usual, with your handymen, we had excellent service. Gerry immediately understood what needed doing and gave us a fair and accurate estimate. The price was within our budget and much lower than the quote we had from a contractor.

Alan C.



Hi, Joe. I’m writing to let you know how pleased my wife and I are with the work that Cole did to set up our patio. The day was hot, there was much to do with the screened limestone gravel to provide a level surface, and the paver stones were heavy. Cole displayed a great work ethic and a “can do” attitude along with his pleasant disposition, and did an excellent job that we are both completely satisfied with. You can be sure that the next time we need the services of a good handyman company we’ll be getting in touch with Golden Years Handyman Services.

Richard Spearman



Hi Amy, I just want to tell you just how much my husband and I enjoyed meeting John this morning. He did some excellent work for us and relieved us of some problems that we couldn’t handle ourselves. What a professional man. We will definitely be recommending him and the Golden Years to our neighbours and friends.

Many thanks,

Vivien S.



I would also like to recommend Golden Years Services for Seniors. Very helpful, good quality workmanship, and reasonable pricing.

Yvonne Parlour


George provided good solutions to several problems. The project was completed on budget.

Ed P.



They even did a small additional job for me at no cost. I’m extremely grateful.

Shelagh M.


Reliable home repair solutions. Quality workmanship, guaranteed.